Our Story
Grow team culture that inspires wellbeing and accomplishment

After almost a decade of working with the often-ridiculous hours and high pressure of demanding office jobs, Riz and Steve - two high school friends – decided to quit.

They did this because they decided that they value workplace wellbeing over and above anything else – and wanted to show the world that being productive shouldn't mean you're chained to a cubicle.

Grounded on a diverse food experience with a touch of magic

They believe food is a key catalyst to employee satisfaction and office productivity, and that things like group lunches can improve employee wellbeing. It's just easier to speak with someone over a meal as the experience makes you feel comfortable and relaxed.

So they went on to create The Cater Crew, with a mission to grow team cultures that inspire wellbeing and accomplishment, grounded on a diverse food experience with a touch of magic.

The Cater Crew is their way of showing you firsthand the importance of employee wellbeing in developing productive and sustainable organisations.

Icons from the Noun Project
Bar by IconMark
Chef by Chanut is Industries
Restaurant by Huub Blekkenhorst
Food Truck by lastspark
Buffet by Gan Khoon Lay
Man taking food by Gan Khoon Lay
Foodie by Claire Jones